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This Beyonce craze has taken over the Internet since last Saturday. It's never been a secret that Beyonce's reach and influence is bigger than we realize. Her Super Bowl performance was epic not only for her message supporting Black History or the current struggles we face today, but her overall GIRL POWER stance that she continues to promote. I won't even restrict this to the African American community but as a whole, women do not always support one another. The levels of shade and hatred run so deep between woman that it's disheartening. Why can't we support each other, uplift each other, and become a powerful force? We as women are beyond powerful and as a strong force we can all achieve our own levels of greatness. It's okay to clap for someone else. Support women who are achieving greatness and inspiring us all to aspire to our own level of greatness.

Like Bey said, "I Slay, We Slay", in other words, "If I'm great, You're great". Don't be the one with the negative mindset, or jealous heart....applaud that chick who is doing well and if you are trying to do something for yourself and need help getting there, ask another successful chick how they do it. Also, ladies if you are the ones who build your own business and succeed- help another out too. It definitely goes both ways.


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