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Hi everyone! Happy 2016 and I hope everyone is having a good year that’s even better than the last. There’s been and there still is a lot for debate about which is better: Shampooing or Co-washing?

I never really thought to actually care about the subject because co-washing was for when I never had enough time to wash my hair all the way during the week when it started to itch so I would do a co-wash to alleviate the stress of finding time to actually do it because we all know life gets in the way of things way to often. You wouldn’t guess what I found though.

There are some myths about how shampoo is horrible to your hair and it can damage in more ways than one. Maybe you’ve checked blogs, YouTube channels, etc. and people would say no shampoo can lead to happy healthier hair.

It’s true certain shampoos can hurt your hair and usually the more organic ones are a bit pricey, but, that doesn’t mean you can just co-wash your hair forever and expect your hair to be luscious and full like everyone else’s.

Shampoo does have a lot of chemicals that are pretty…questionable to say the least like for example SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) which is found commonly in most shampoos and causing those awesome frothy bubbles can remove natural occurring oils and break down the proteins in hair making it harder to grow, but a solution to that problem in to just get Sulphate free shampoo which can help stop irritation or inflammation within the scalp, increases moisture retention, van improve you’re hair’s ability to retain natural oils and can prevent the scalp from absorbing harmful chemicals. Think about that for a second. Also make sure you start checking the products you’re buying for your hair. This may make you think all the people saying shampooing is beyond wrong and you should stop if you want better hair by just co-washing, but even then you have to think about how bad it can be as well.

Co-washing is just basically skipping the whole ‘washing your hair with shampoo’ part and going right to the conditioning part of washing your hair. Now imagine yourself doing this for years. Maybe five for example. You wouldn’t have washed your hair thoroughly for five years. You have build up of products and oils and other things that you’ve used in your hair because we all know you use a lot of products to keep your hair looking fashionable on a daily basis am I right? Well your hair would feel dry and oily, and dirty because it wasn’t being washed correctly for all that time leading to that build up and causing it to be a lot harder to grow your hair. Also your hair may have a bit of a muskier smell rather than a clean and fresh scent than when you would have used shampoo. So if you’re trying to grow your hair out please don’t try and go without shampoo for a long time.

So in conclusion shampooing and co-washing has it’s up’s and downs. I’m not saying one is better than the other. I’m just saying if you co-wash during the week here and there and shampoo when you’re supposed to, then you should be just fine. Just don’t over do it or be like those people who just refuse to use shampoo at all.

I hope you guys liked this article. See you next Monday!



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