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I have been getting a ton of questions regarding dry hair and how to keep it moisturized. I do realize that most people tend to listen to every YouTuber out there regarding what to do to fix their hair. One thing I want everyone to understand, "NO ONE has the same hair!" Texture is one thing, POROSITY is the main thing. One product does not fit all and the more we try to understand our own hair and stop comparing the better we will all be. I know I will never have the curls like Mya or Lipstickncurls (Youtuber) but one thing I do know for sure that matters; TECHNIQUE, TECHNIQUE! 

Let me say it again, TECHNIQUE. This is the key to success. The infamous LOC Method or LCO Method really does work wonders. Granted you still have to find what works for you but this is the best way to start. I really blew this method off when I first went natural and rolled my eyes everytime I heard someone mention it. I mean, let's face it, that's a lot of products and even more time. 

But let me be the first or the last to say this: IT WORKS. These heavy butters are fantastic but its the application that really matters. You notice most of my products say to apply to damp or wet hair, why? Because, these butters will seal in that moisture. Also, my products are aloe based and this also makes an excellent moisturizer. If you choose to look elsewhere, make sure your moisturizer has water in the first or second ingredient. 

Those of you who live in dry climates, try the LOC method and tell me how it works for you. 


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