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This week has been a pretty great one so far. With all the recent changes that life has thrown at me, I still found a way to polish that silver lining to this cloud of mine. The last few months have been a true testament to what GOD has in store for me and my life. This week I focused on living in the moment and I have to say, it was what I needed! I have been losing lots of sleep the last few weeks, some due to stress while the rest was my new work schedule. I decided to work night shift and boy has it been a challenge! I love doing what I do and honestly the shift isn't so bad once I get use to the hours. So, I decided that instead of laying around all day and letting the sleepiness take over, I decided to enjoy some sun. Me and my daughter just hung out and went to the mall, out for lunch, etc. The little things really brightened my day up. With that, she decide to snap some pics which turned out pretty darn good!


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