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Being back stateside has it's ups and it's downs. The best thing about living overseas is you can actually save money since 9 times out of 10 they don't have crap that you want. Also, they don't have our favorite place to be...Walmart!

As I strolled through the aisle, weaving in and around the million Walmartians, (the frequent Walmart shoppers who seem to own the isle and feel the need to always be in your way) I found these babies. Now, I have more than enough stuff especially foundation but how could I pass this up!

The biggest plus......the shade I snagged is the same shade as the True Match (my favorite foundation) shade they discontinued. The shade is fresh beige and it an exact match to the True Match. so if you wear Loreal then the shades seem to be the same across the brand.

It's a matte formula that for me isn't too matte. I typically don't love matte foundations but this one is great. It's a nice option to the True Match in my opinion. It seemed to last on me for over 16 hours, and I work a 12 hour day. I personally love this stuff! I really am steering clear of higher end foundations because they are always such a hit or miss for me.

 I always go back to my roots...Loreal. That's a brand that is like home for me.

The powder is good too....I do not wear the foundation and the powder together although you could. I wear it on my no makeup makeup days and it works fine. I still love my MUFE pro finish powder but this is a close second.

The Lash Sensational mascara is a winner as well! I love maybelline mascaras overall so I am bias but this one is great. I had been using the infamous 3D Mascara and this by no means is a dupe but sometimes you just don't have all that extra time for the 3D lashes....so this is my current DS fave.

Now.......the Maybelline concealer....Master conceal.....is not a winner for me. It's just O-K-A-Y. I personally like the fit me one better. I think for me this one is a bit drying if you use it under your eyes.


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