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This week's book review:

Drunk In Love: An Original Love Story

Author: Cole Hart & Tiece

Book Description:
How can one song be so strong and intoxicating that it nearly makes a woman leave her husband for another man?
Olivia is a sexy, independent, business woman who’s been married to Mark for six years. He is everything that Olivia wants in a husband, except for the fact that he’s a quick pumper and extremely boring in bed. He has no thrill or desire of being able to please her which sends her in the arms of another man.
At the beat of a song, Zay erotically sweeps Olivia off of her feet. He’s a handsome, well educated, wealthy bachelor that can catch any woman’s attention. However, he’s put them on hold just to win over Olivia.
What happens when vows are broken, boundaries are crossed, and friends become enemies? Will Olivia fight for a sexless, mind-numbing marriage or will she keep grinding on that wood and riding Zay like a surfboard? All is fair in love and war, but all bets are off when Zay and Olivia unexpectedly find themselves Drunk In Love.
This novel is sassy, edgy, amusing and life like. 
My Review:
First, I love to purchase books by unknown authors. It's even better for me when they are quick reads that cost no more than $5.00. This fit that criteria perfect, priced at $0.99 on Amazon and roughly 200 pages long.
As for the storyline, I enjoyed the last 100 pages give or take. The flow of the book seemed to go well for most of the book. I was overly annoyed by the constant reference to the Beyonce' song, Drunk In Love. It was thrown in a little too much for me leaving me rolling my eyes half the time. I did notice several typos including spelling, punctuation, and paragraph structure.
There was more focus on the sexual scenes vs character development. That is just my personal pet peeve. I like to feel like "I know" the characters vs being a voyeur.
Overall, for the price and length it was worth the read. 


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