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L.O.C vs  L.C.O method. Which works better? How does it work? Well this is what this article is about. Here’s a little history about the subject in question:

The L.O.C method stands for “ Leave In, Oil, and Cream”. This method consists of moisturizing the hair with some type of water-based leave in conditioners, using oil to seal in the moisture and double sealing it with cream to close the hair cuticles and prevent moisture loss from happening.

The L.C.O method stands for “ Leave In, Cream, and Oil”. This method starts how the L.O.C method starts off except instead of applying oil first you would apply cream. How this works is you just apply any cream product of your choice and then use the oil last to seal in any moisture.

Now the question is: which one works better? Well neither really. Both promote moisture to your hair and are great methods, but it really all depends on how your hair works.

Here are a couple extra tips for this method:

  • Liquid/ Leave-In: You can use rose water or distilled water as a substitute since water is a great thing to use on natural hair.
  • Cream: Shea butter or any heavy butter
  • Oil: Coconut oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, and a lot of other substitutes are great to use when moisturizing your hair using this technique.
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