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Have you been having problems retaining you’re hair length and you just don’t know what to do about it anymore? Well this article is definitely for you!

  • When you are cleansing, conditioning, and drying your hair, a couple of these tips can help you retain the length of your hair:
  •    Get rid of any shampoos with sulphates, which I happened to mention in a previous article. (Shampooing V.S Co-washing). Sulphates in shampoos strip any moisture from the hair that your hair needs to stay healthy.
  •    Pre-shampoo your hair with coconut oil or olive oil, which you can buy from the store at a pretty cheap price. Coconut oil helps hair retain its protein levels and limits the amount of water that strands will absorb preventing any wear and tear.
  •    Deep condition your hair after each wash with a moisturizing deep conditioner. You can also try using a towel around your head or a microwave cap to generate your own body heat so it gets all the good properties from the deep conditioner into your scalp.
  •     Use an old T-shirt fro drying instead of a regular towel. No microfiber or towel drying. It rips the hair out which isn’t fun. Plus towel drying frizzes the hair so consider air-drying it or using a T-shirt as an alternative.
  •    Moisturize your hair as needed. If it feels dry moisturize it!

As for styling, here are a few tips they may help you:

  •        Stop any heat completely. Air-drying is probably one of the best things you can do. Limit any usage of heat to special occasions.
  •         Comb your hair from the bottom up! Always use a large toothcomb of Denman brush when detangling your hair. Despite all the fancy detangling gadgets out there, don’t forget your ten working fingers are one of the best tools out there.
  •         Avoid pulling hair tight at the hairline. By doing this you will recede your hairline and damage your follicles permanently. This is probably not a smart thing to do so I would highly recommend avoiding this as much as possible.

Here are a couple extra tips:
  •  Clip your nails before detangling. It may seem trivial, but this can help you in the long run. Hanging nails tend to damage hair so to avoid this just make sure you keep your nails smooth.
  •     When you moisturize make sure you really focus more on your ends than anything because they are one of the oldest and most vulnerable parts of your hair.
  •      Use more protective styles to ensure better hair length as time goes on. Limit any manipulation of hair.
  •    Make sure to trim you're ends consistently so it doesn’t limit your chance of lengthening your hair.

See you guys Monday!


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