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Have you ever wondered the different ways to trim you’re effectively and when you should? Well this article is for you!

Trimming is a necessary thing in carrying for you’re hair effectively and efficiently on a daily basis.  Some experts recommend trimming your hair every 4-8 weeks. Others suggest every 8-12 weeks. Yet this differs on how you’re hair is. Some may need to trim there ends more than others and vice-versa.

Some of the leading causes to having to trim more often than you would like, would be how much you constantly may flat-iron, blow-dry, or dye you’re hair. You should be checking you’re ends periodically. Trim as necessary.

How should you trim? Surprisingly there are a number of ways to trim you’re hair, but here are some of the major four:

Full End Trim which requires sectioning you’re hair and clipping the ends off of that section and moving on to the next one until you’re whole head is complete.

Dusting is one of the second forms of trimming. This requires you to take a section and twist it in one direction then take scissors to skim across the surface of the hair. This is repeated until you’re hair seems “dusted” per say. The only reason as to why you must take each section and twist it is because just trimming the ends may neglect other parts of you’re hair that are not the exact same length.

The third one is called Search and Destroy. This is pretty similar to dusting except you don’t actually do a full trim as you would with dusting or the full end trim. This method only requires you to find the most damaged pieces of hair and clipping whatever you find. You only focus on damaged hair instead of healthy hair.

Lastly the fourth one is just either trimming individual braid, twist, or straightening your hair to trim any ends. For the braids/twists all you need to do is clip hair from the end of the medium to you’re small twist or braids. As for straightening you’re hair you don’t have to do it this way but it does reduce the effect of shrinkage and you don’t cut off more than you intended too.

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