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Have you ever wondered how you can make you’re hair softer without using chemical based products or services? Well now you can by using these seven natural butters, so if you want to learn then this is the article for you!

Natural butters are usually pretty universal in their abilities to better the health of natural hair. They usually have their own unique properties and one of them are fatty acids. Fatty acids are molecules that consist of long chains of acids that are found in fats, oils and cell membranes when the fat is broken down. This type of fatty acid is in certain foods we eat (like butter for example) which creates natural butters that we use in are hair. Shea, Tucuma, Mango, Kokum, Murumuru, Ucuuba, and Cocoa butter are seven of the most natural butters people use today.

The first natural butter on the list is Shea Butter. Shea Butter is a natural conditioner for hair and is produced from a tree nut found in East and West Africa. Shea Butter can be used to soothe an irritated scalp, become a sealant for hair, protection against heat, shield against UVS (ultra-violet rays), and it’s a softener for hair.

The second butter on the list is Tucuma Butter. Tucuma Butter is extracted from a seed of a tree found in Columbia and Brazil. Tucuma Butter is used to repair the hair and skin. It increases moisture levels and adds softness and shine to strands. It also helps hair retain length and growth. Tucuma Butter is also really good for restoring damaged hair in need of restricting or stabilizing.

The third butter on the list is Mango Butter. Mango Butter is extracted from the kernels of a mango and it has many benefits to it. It’s a moisturizer and it contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and group B vitamins: folic acid, calcium iron, and magnesium.

The fourth natural butter is Kokum Butter. Kokum Butter comes from India and has a lot of very great benefits. For example Kokum Butter is usually ideal for scalp treatments and strong roots. It’s also a nourishing atmosphere for new hair growth.

The fifth natural butter on the list is Murumuru Butter. Mururmuru Butter is extracted from seeds in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil where Tucuma Butter is also found. Some benefits that come from Mururmuru Butter are that it nourishes the hair, it has moisture sealing properties, it fortifies hair, and boost hair shine.

The sixth natural butter in the list is Ucubba Butter. Ucubba is a tree that grows in South America. Its benefits are that it contains Lauric, Myrisitic, and Palmitic acid, which is crucial to healthy cell development and the mantinence of healthy hair and skin. It contains Vitamin C and A. It’s also very rich in unsaturated fats.

The last natural butter of the group is Cocoa Butter, which I believe most people are familiar with. Cocoa Butter is a tree that grows (well grew) in South America. Cocoa Butter can be used as a pre-shampoo, deep conditioning treatment, a frizz fighter, and a color gloss.

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