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Have you had trouble growing the napes and edges of you’re hair as of late? Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to be working? Well this is the article for you!

Here are four easy steps to make sure the napes and edges of you’re hair continue to grow and stay healthy like the rest of you’re hair.

You can cleanse and condition you’re scalp and the hair in the nape and perimeter area. Since the perimeter of you’re head and the nape of it is more often than not neglected, you may never properly cleanse it the way it should be cleansed. If you choose to regularly cleanse that part of you’re hair gently then those areas that once received neglect will receive the same love and care as the rest of you’re hair. I suggest you deep condition these areas as well.

Continue to moisturize daily. You can use the L.O.C method, which I mentioned in a previous article. Try to use this as frequently as possible. Preferably daily if you can on you’re nape and edges. You can use different oils like coconut oil and castor oil, which usually works best in sealing moisture. You can also steam this areas two to three times a week with you’re favorite leave in conditioner which helps add moisture to these areas.

Try to have little to no tension. Low manipulation hair styles with little to no tension is best in promoting hair growth in you’re nape and edge areas. Since these areas are sensitive, to much pulling during styling can cause severe damage due to tension. Try to avoid any styles that cause this type of damage.

Lastly, you need to continue to cover/protect. If this is something you don’t do on now you might want to start. You need to cover/protect the edges and napes of you’re hair on you’re head especially at night. You can use and satin or silk pillow case or bonnet/headscarf. You also want to make sure the nape and edges of you’re hair doesn’t rub against the material of you’re clothing. It’s especially tough during the winter months with wool, hoods, hats, and scarfs.

Trying these steps will prevent further damage from happening and will leave you with wonderful results.

See you next Monday!


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