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What kind of natural are you? Are you the type of person who prefers wigs and weave over their natural hair? Are you a total product junkie with millions of jars and bottles floating around? Are you someone who only chooses to use natural based products? What about someone who can come up with millions of styles using only a hair tie and bobby pin? Or do you fall right into the middle of the mix blending in?

Are you the type of person who wears wigs or weave over their natural hair? There isn’t anything wrong with it and there are many great benefits that come along with it.  They hide any natural hair issues, they are convenient during a busy moment, you can try different styles without the actual commitment, there’s never a bad hair day, and so much more. Yet there are some alternatives to these protective styles to try every once in a while. You can try twist outs or braid outs every once and a while but still wear your wigs and weave if needed.

Secondly, are you the type of person who is a product junkie? Do you regularly go on shopping sprees for the latest products on the shelves despite you already having a ton? Sometimes this can be a good thing actually. You can find the best product combinations at the most random of times, support small black owned business based on what you buy and where you buy it, you never run out of conditioner or shampoo if you happened to for get it shopping, etc. Sometimes it can be a bad thing though if you start running dry on money as time goes on so try to keep it to a minimum.

Are you someone who prefers to wear the same style on a daily basis? Maybe it’s because you’re trying to make your hair grow faster or longer and you use those styles for protection purposes? Or maybe it’s just your favorite hairstyle and it’s your go to thing. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all as long as you try and do something different every once in a while. Let your hair down here and there.

Are you a juice and berries type of natural? This basically means you choose to use only organically based products and nothing else. Do you choose to stay away from certain shampoos and conditioners that may not fit your needs?  Are you the type of person who comes up with concoctions daily or do you stumble upon them that may work for your hair in some way?

Or are you just a blessed natural? Are you someone who just rocks your hair in every way possible? Do you let the curls flow and wear it without a care in the world? Are you somewhere in the middle of all of these four in some way?


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