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So what exactly are men saying about natural hair? Do men tend to disapprove or approve of how woman are now wearing their hair? Are they trying to embrace the sense of freedom and empowerment women are having by making this choice? Do they simply not care? Or are they not approving of this movement in the slightest?

Transitioning is already a big step in the natural hair journey and is tough on a woman in general. Some men may not care and may love how natural hair looks. But, there is always going to be that little inkling of men loving weaves and straight hair despite what they may deem okay in today’s society. It has been what we all have known to be considered as beautiful because that is the European standard that has been set for decades before us.

It’s embedded in our culture as a whole, which is pretty sad to say the least.

Sadly, men tend to continually think that your “less” beautiful than you were before by changing how you do your hair. They think that the straighter your hair, the prettier you are which isn’t true in the slightest. Don't get me wrong, there are those men out there who are loving this shift and enjoy seeing how this movement is taking place. But really beyond that, do we or should we care about their opinion at all?

Now, listen I am a feminist so at the end of the day, I truly could care less what a man thinks. I can't say I have always thought that way but as I got older, I realized my opinion of myself mattered more than the opinion of a man. It's completely okay to want to feel attractive and have your man see you in that light. However, if a man can't love you as you are then there is a huge problem...with him. Not you. 

With that said, I do realize we can’t entirely blame men for the way they think because mainstream media tends to play a part in what’s beautiful and what isn’t. But, I do believe eventually with much effort, men will get used to the idea of natural hair and may come to love it as much as we do. In conjunction with that, I think since the world is moving into a new era with natural hair showing up more of the norm vs the exception, it's showing that we mean business and this is not a fad. 

The world is starting to take notice and jumping on the wagon with changes in the market from products to ads we see. As we continue to change the beauty standard, by controlling the market with how we purchase and through social media, the conversation will change. One thing that I do see lacking is the diversity with these ads or what is considered "okay". I would like to see a better blend of textures but I know it's all baby steps. Even they count toward making a difference. 


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This is a very interesting product. I purchased it because I have fine low porosity hair and was hoping it’d make my hair stronger. I used it according to the instructions on the bottle (put it on for about 10 minutes under a plastic cap before applying my deep conditioner). Then I did my usual deep condition with my thermal hair care hot head cap. The first thing I noticed right after applying is my hair was kind of hard and stiff. Applying my deep conditioner on top wasn’t the same either; there wasn’t really the super creamy slip I always get with it. Anyway, after deep conditioning with this product underneath my deep conditioner and then rinsing my hair felt still strangely stiff and almost dehydrated. But I felt like I had thicker hair that week. I’m really interested in experimenting with it more bc more and thicker hair is what I want.

Hi Melissa, Thank you so much for the review. May I ask what deep conditioner did you use with it? The rinse builds in the hair to strengthen it over time. I do recommend using a moisturizing deep conditioner over it, if you had those results. If the one you used has protein that could be why you had those results. The rinse works great with our deep conditioners in our product line. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.
Oily and greasy

Granted I think I used too much on my fine, low porosity curls, but this was just enormously oily in my hair. I’m going to give it another try using much less.

Hi Melissa! Thank you for taking the time to review the product. A little goes a long way for low porosity, fine hair whereas thicker textures can use a heavier hand. Try using about a dime size (or a little less)on each section if you section you hair when applying products. Please update us on how that works for you.

Bought this bundle of products a few months ago, figured now is a good time to review since I've used each a few times.

I have type 4 hair (I'd categorize it as mostly 4b and 4c) and high porosity. I've been natural for 3 years, and I've noticed over time that my hair just has a really hard time retaining moisture. These products did an awesome job moisturizing my hair. Woke up with perfect juicy curls from my twist out.

Shout out to the knot tonic That stuff alone works wonders, super soft and makes detangling a breeze. But really I think the combination is what makes everything work.

Love this product!!

The Knot Tonic is one of my favorite products. I love the way it gets the " knots out of my hair. It's AMAZING!!!

Loved it.

I went on vacation and used the growth shampoo, real nice, not heavy and not to light. Made my hair soft and very clean, love the smell also. Can’t wait to use again.