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Did you know that 60% of people on planet Earth carry at least one parasite in their bodies? Many people carry several different species.

There are thousands and thousands of parasites in the world and it's hard to pinpoint which ones cause hair loss in some people and which ones don't, but the truth in the matter is that most do. With parasites though, that's not the only thing they can cause. Symptoms could include an increase or decrease in appetite, an ashen complexion, diarrhea, inability to gain or lose weight, abdominal pains, hair loss, hair thinning, bad breath, body odor, seizures, dizziness, etc. If you do have a parasite, you may have one or more of these symptoms or none at all. But by the time symptoms occur a breakdown of the body has already started.

There are many possibilities to how you could be affected by parasites. The known possibilities are usually kissing pets, eating raw meat or fish, and eating unclean fruits or vegetables. What you may have not known though is that parasites can occur from sexual intercourse, walking barefoot in contaminated soil, drinking contaminated water supplies, and working in the garden if any of you have one.

Parasites and worms feed on the good nutrients from food and the excrement then circulates throughout the blood stream causing problems.

Luckily there are some ways to avoid parasitic infections from occurring. Don't drink tap water no matter how safe the water supply may be. Don't drink from rivers or creeks, go barefoot at the beach or horse stables, never swallow mucus that has been coughed up, always wash hands thoroughly after using the bathroom, don't let your pets sleep in your bed, avoid sugar products and soft drinks (they love that), clean your carpets often, etc.

Most parasites are active during the night rather during the day where blood test occur which makes them hard to track. There are some ingredients you can use to help remove parasites, but remember this may not work for everyone. You can use raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, juice from raw onions, Wormwood tea, cayenne pepper, Jerusalem Oak, American Wormseed, special enzymes, and the sap of a Latin America Fig tree.`

It's also important to remember that these remedies could just knock the bodies off of the worms/parasites and the heads stay intact or the parasites could move on to another part of the body.

That's why it's important to eliminate these parasites before it becomes a full blown problem later on down the road.

Warning: If you attempt the raw onion juice, remember for some people it could possibly damage your colon since raw onions are very harsh. Don't give raw onions to your pets! It will kill them.


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