We don't want to just be a brand that provides amazing natural hair products. We want to be the brand that changes the game and gives you the keys to a new way of thinking. Curls & Potions is now offering you the chance to take charge of your finances and help you become the driver toward your financial freedom. We want to inspire change, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This goes beyond purchasing products at a discounted price or simply sharing a link. It's deeper than that. We want you to start a conversation, build relationships, and make our community stronger than ever. It's about building bridges and keeping our dollars circulating to create financial freedom. If we succeed, so do you. Curls & Potions, has designed an amazing distributor program that goes far beyond the basics. We stand by the idea of planting a seed and watching it grow so we are here even if you have a dream that you need a little guidance with. This here, is your foundation. It simply begins with signing up, promoting our products, and getting a little extra cash without spending a large amount of money. The program works for anyone, it just depends on your lifestyle.




What do I have to do as a Distributor? You can start out with what is comfortable with your lifestyle. If you are great with social media, sharing your affiliate link is easy and helps to promote us (and yourself) on your social platforms to make a little extra cash. Payouts will be every other Friday via Paypal and you can track your earnings with your personal login. 

If you are looking to make a little more cash, have a great network of friends and associates, love to talk to new people, then purchasing products with the wholesale discount is the way to go . This gives you the balance of social media as well and reselling our products for a better profit. It's a great way to earn extra cash and spread the word about Curls & Potions. We also offer reorders on brochures as well as personalized business cards (at a discount), along with being able to order samples. 


  1. IS THIS AN MLM (MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING) OR PYRAMID SCHEME? Absolutely no. This is you and you alone. There is NO recruiting at all. We only offer a few slots for these programs per quarter. This is not available to everyone at anytime, only the times that we open up our application process to accept people into the program. We are trying to build a network with people with aspirations to think outside of the box. Our focus is to start a conversation, spread knowledge, and spark individual creativity as well as entrepreneurship. We want to lay the foundation for everyone to know that we can circulate our dollars in the community and build a strong network.
  2.  WHEN DO WE GET PAID? You get paid for any affiliate link purchases every other Friday via Paypal. Aside from that, if you purchase wholesale items, that is for you to resell. You are your own can resell the products locally and any profit is yours. 
  3. IS THERE A MINIMUM PURCHASE WHEN BUYING AT WHOLESALE? There is a 3 unit minimum when purchasing wholesale products. This is due to the extreme discount that we are providing. 
  4.  HOW LONG IS THE MEMBERSHIP FOR? The cost to sign up for one year with required activity per quarter is $29.99. This is already included in your initial signup kit. The fee will renew at $29.99 per yr. Toward the end of the year, we will reach out and give you the choice to renew or end the program (if you are still active). We need to do this yearly since our slots are limited and we want to give someone else a chance if you are no longer interested.

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