Custom Designed Apparel for Curls & Potions.

Welcome to the Angel Squad. Our custom apparel line is designed with fun, catchy phrases, some logo apparel, and anything to represent the Angel Squad.

Our Angel T-shirt represents Angel Fontaine and her life, fight, and amazing spirit that she graced this world with. This item is available in all colors listed. Grab a PINK one to rock during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in honor of our fallen Angel. The feather is important because, she always said she would visit as a bird when she passed. True story, feathers are always found in the oddest places even at the production facility.

If you love Curls & Potions, we would love to see you continue to keep Angela alive by rocking this shirt. Sizes range from S to 2XL.

Colors Light Pink, Gray, Dark Pink, Black, White

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