Curls and Potions® was founded with a pinch of a rebellious fighting spirit and a pinch of wanting to change one curl at a time. With one fighting Breast Cancer and one wanting to make the most of the coils and curls, the idea was born to focus on ways to blend healthy hair with overall wellness. 

Every idea begins with a problem and ours was simple: healthy hair, healthy living, and an amazing wash-n-go. The idea of having one without the other just didn’t make sense.  We focused on changing the way we think about overall health and hair, they go hand in hand.  So how did we fix that? We took ingredients that help with overall wellness sprinkled with a little bit of old traditional hair recipes and created the new blends that Curls & Potions® needed to help change the way we look at hair and health.  Healthy Hair + Healthy Lifestyle= Good Hair.

No need to make curl charts, patterns, or anything else. Curls are curls, uniquely created with an extra spring or bounce when they are getting the nutrients that help them flourish. 

We offer a large line of products that consist of conditioners, stylers, cleansers, vitamins, gels, tea blends, and accessories. 

Curls & Potions® will continue to bring new recipes to help appeal to a vast majority of customers from all walks of life. We love what we do and enjoy bringing our customers along with us on our journey to fix one curl at a time.


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