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Porosity Rx is a custom bundle to get your regimen started. We packed some of our favorites for each porosity level to target your pain point.

-Growth and Restore Shampoo (step 1)

-Chebe Growth Stimulating Rice Water (step 2)

-Chebe Hydration Mask (step 3)

-Cocoa Shea Hair Milk (step 4)


Texture/Pattern is not what matters when looking for products that will work for you. Every regimen is trial and error but knowing where to start makes the journey a little easier. Weekly routines with the right products can change how your hair behaves and can even change your porosity overtime. 

This bundle if for ALL Porosity levels.

If you have NORMAL (medium) porosity, congratlations! You are a UNICORN.


Any of our products will work for you, so you can mix and match!


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