Three Reasons to Use Henna

January 27, 2022

Three Reasons to Use Henna

Originating from India, Henna is a great tool to use if you're trying to grow and strengthen your hair. Most people don't understand how it works, so read on if you want to learn a little more about it! 

The natural properties in Henna help enhance hair growth. 

Henna contains Vitamin E, which is important for hair growth. It provides your hair with a solid base by reducing oxidative stress and creating a protective lipid layer. It also helps to soften the hair. 

Henna also contains antioxidants and it's rich in protein, which supports hair health. 

Repairs and strengthens damaged hair. 

Henna is a perfect treatment to use if you need to nourish your hair or heal damage. It's known for reducing split ends and reducing hair loss by making the strands stronger. 

Conditions the hair and regulates oil secretion. 

The scalp normally produces oil, but sometimes too much of it can cause dandruff or other scalp conditions. The persistent itching can cause hair loss, which is the opposite of what most people want. Henna can help balance oil production in the scalp, which not only can alleviate dandruff, but it can also enhance your hair texture. 

Not only that, but Henna is known for conditioning the hair by keeping it moisturized and removing excess sebum (oil from your sebaceous glands). This can also help with reducing breakage and split ends. 

Let's Wrap It Up!

How do you feel about using Henna now? More confident? Less confident? And while you're at it, feel free to check out our Henna Gloss! 

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