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Curling Potion Styling Gel
Chebe Clay Gloss
Coco Shea Hair Milk
Curling Jelly
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Chebe Collection BUNDLE

We decided to bring a little treat to the Chebe Collection! With our Chebe Gloss and Hydration Mask being such a HIT, welcome our two new products to the line! Grab the bundle which includes: *Chebe Clay Gloss *Chebe Hydration Mask *NEW*** Chebe Growth Stimulating Rice Water **NEW*** Chebe Cleansing Wash


Wash-n-Go Essentials

Want a wash-n-go that lasts? These showstoppers will do the trick!

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Knowledge is Power

What's Your Type?

Why Porosity matters & Texture Doesn't

Find out what your hair porosity & curl pattern is, why it matters and why products don't always work.

The hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. This is determined by the cuticle layer (outer layer of hair) which allows moisture and oils to pass in and out. External factors such as chemical treatments/processing, heat, and outside exposure can change your porosity levels but it can also be genetic. Having an idea of your hair’s porosity makes it easier to determine which products to purchase.

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We Are Unique.

Our products were created to focus on length retention, growth, & to help get the best wash-n-go possible.

Meet the ceo

Michelle Nicole Fontaine-Jones is the Founder and CEO of Curls & Potions™. Michelle stopped using relaxers back in 2007 due to excessive damage from hair color. With the difference in textures and trying to figure out what would work for her hair type, she decided to do research on natural solutions. The packaging colors represent Breast Cancer in honor of her mother, who fought for 14 yrs with the disease. PINK is a continuous part of Curls & Potions™ and remains the heartbeat of the brand.

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All About Hair Growth

Get started on your journey to healthy hair

Kickstart Your Regimen

Tips & Tricks that will get you closer to your goal

Who told you that your hair won't grow? How many times did you get sold by the many pills on the market? Oh, better yet, how many times have you been told to use crazy methods like Monistat to help grow your hair? Girl....let's just stop right there. Take a minute to read through the breakdown on how and why your hair grows the way it does, a little of what works, and alot of what doesn't. Go ahead...knowledge is free, knowledge is power. When you know better, you do better! XOXO
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