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The VERSUS Battle

Each one is worth it to have in your stash, A little breakdown -

The Black Curl Magic was created for that slick back, that edge slayer, that it's almost wash day what will I do, gel. Yes, you can use a little for a twistout, braid out, and hey, some girlies even like it for a wash n go. It is the STRONG hold gel.

For the Curling Potion, AKA My Mama's Gel (IYKYK)..This is the medium to strong hold gel depending on how much you use per section. It is humidity resistant and was created as a healthier option to the standard gels you see on the market. It is a TRUE flaxseed gel base sprinkled with some more natural goodness.

It all depends on HOW you use these for the best results. We also encourage using our leave ins with them as we can't tell you how things react with other product lines (even if you do that hand test).

Also, climate matters when using any kind of styler. So we encourage you to mix it up, try something new, and follow those instructions! 😂 Sis, we know you are creative but it doesn't have to be complicated!

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