Curls and Potions® is a brand that prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for all hair types and textures. With high-quality ingredients that are never watered down and core values that strive to uphold a standard of integrity and philanthropy, our brand is a force to be reckoned with. 

However, the journey was never easy. Our CEO & Founder, Michelle Fontaine-Jones, nurtured the idea in 2007 after forgoing relaxers due to excessive damage. Fontaine found herself yearning for a brand that would work for her hair type. This drive created her first business, Butterflyz Haven, which became the stepping stone to the birth of Curls & Potions. Her triumphs and failures from Butterflyz Haven helped her bring Curls & Potions to life in 2015. 

She continued to embody this spirit of strength and determination even after her mother, Angela L. Fontaine, was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Even at her lowest, Fontaine continued to push forward to honor her mother and create a lasting impact on the world. Even though her mother will always be the heartbeat behind the brand, Curls & Potions has evolved into so much more. 

Seven years later, Curls & Potions has gained global attention and it continues to be manufactured by hand with the help of her childhood best friend and partner, Quentin Weems. 

Curls & Potions has garnered over 40+ products that are unique in different ways. All of our products draw inspiration from other cultures and we pride ourselves on using ingredients that aren't typically mainstream. The brand has evolved to include products that promote protein moisture balance, growth, strength, scalp care, etc. We have also included a men's line called Aboriginal Man. 

We firmly believe that healthy hair is the by-product of a healthy lifestyle, which is what truly sets us apart from the competition. 

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  • Kayla Jones

    Virtual Assistant, Content Creator

    Filters through emails, provides customer service, and manages all social media for Curls & Potions.

    • Quentin Weems

      Chief Operating Officer, Logistics Manager

      Manages logistics, aids in production, and contributes to our men's collection, Aboriginal Man.

      • Michelle Fontaine-Jones


        Founder and CEO of Curls & Potions. Head of manufacturing and facilitates all stages of product development.


        • Walmart

          Online Marketplace Retailer

          We are excited to be on to offer our products to a larger audience.

        • Amazon

          Black Business Accelerator / Amazon Launchpad

          We were asked to participate in Amazon's Black Business Accelerator course. It is dedicated to helping build opportunities for black businesses and promoting diversity.



          This product does what it says! Immediately after applying the Chebe Clay Gloss to hair, my curls literally transformed in the mirror! My curls were plump and super defined before the wash! I honestly didn't want to wash it out of my hair. As a pre-poo, it made washing my hair so incredibly easy and tangle free!

          Sonya D

          This scalp serum is absolutely perfect. I honestly wouldn't change a thing. It has a nice, medium viscosity; not too runny, but not too thick. You can easily apply this to your scalp without making a mess or having this drip everywhere. It has a light, sweet and herbal scent. It gives the scalp the slightest mint, refreshing tingle, but nothing too overpowering. It moisturizes my scalp without any noticeable build-up and has quickly become a staple for these dry, winter months. My scalp always feels so balanced when I use this. For reference, I have 4A/3C hair. Overall, I would highly recommend


          I’m so happy I finally found a product that moisturizes without water!!!!! This product delivered on all of the claims. I’ve been searching for a product that provides moisture without causing my hair to revert, and I’ve finally found it! My hair is so soft and moisturized, and I only use a small amount. It also has a mild scent that doesn’t trigger my allergies. This is a keeper!!!




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