Curls & Potions™ began years ago before the natural hair movement took over. In its beginning state, it was an idea, a hobby, and also had a different name. Once known as Butterflyz Haven™ has now been reformulated, repackaged, and grown into Curls & Potions™. This natural hair line is focused on the beauty of everyone's CURLS, COILS, & WAVES.

One major focus of Curls & Potions™ is to bring that extra moisture out and reduce the need to have too many products. The line of products are multitasking which sets us apart from most product lines.

 About Our Founder/CEO

Michelle Nicole Fontaine-Jones is the Founder and CEO of Curls & Potions™. Michelle stopped using relaxers back in 2007 due to excessive damage from hair color. With the difference in textures and trying to figure out what would work for her hair type she decided to do research on natural solutions. With the limited market for natural products or products for her hair type she decided to try her hand at her own business. Through a lot of trial and error, Butterfly Haven™ was born. She started making skin and hair care products from her home and selling them locally as well as online. It was a slow start but the moment it began to pick up she had orders to move to Germany (Military Spouse). 

She spent 3 yrs living overseas and continued her hair journey but sadly stopped promoting her business. Fast forward to 2015, with a burning desire to be apart of such an amazing movement, Curls & Potions™ was born. Through the lessons of Butterflyz Haven™ she stepped out stronger and more focused. 

Michelle is not only a daughter, a mother, a wife, savvy techie, writer, and natural hair enthusiast- she is passionate and driven. Her dedication and determination to leave a mark in this world is electrifying. The packaging colors represent Breast Cancer in honor of her mother, who fought for 14 yrs with the disease. PINK is a continuous part of Curls & Potions™ and remains the heartbeat of the brand. Michelle lets PINK into everything she does so she never forgets that life is extremely short and it's important to leave your mark. Curls & Potions™ is a piece of Michelle and her mother that she wants to share with to the world! 

In honor of Angela L. Fontaine, the mother and inspiration of Curls & Potions™, a percentage of all sales will be donated to Breast Cancer Research, Fighters, and Survivors. Every purchase counts toward the fight for a cure.  

Be #Flawless, Be #Free, Be #You, and Be #Untamed!







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Monet Jasmineee said: The Best Styling Gel Out There

Curling Potion Defining & Styling Gel is AMAZING! I love that you don't need a lot & it locks in your curls very well! This gel does not Flake and is very light! Coco Shea Hair Milk & Curling Potion together gives my curls life

Ashlee Williams said: 5 star

Love Love Love all of your products!!!

Desiree Contreras said: 5 star

Butter Me Up Buttercream

Desiree Contreras said: Review

I absolutely love your products

1 month ago - Coco Shea Hair Milk
Neisha Collins said: 5 star

Coco Shea Hair Milk