• Parasite=Hair Loss?

    0 comments / Posted by Elle Fontaine

    Did you know that 60% of people on planet Earth carry at least one parasite in their bodies? Many people carry several different species.

    There are thousands and thousands of parasites in the world and it's hard to pinpoint which ones cause hair loss in some people and which ones don't, but the truth in the matter is that most do. With parasites though, that's not the only thing they can cause....

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  • How To Prevent Breakage In Highlighted Hair

    0 comments / Posted by Elle Fontaine

    So I recently just gave my daughter highlights for her fifteenth birthday a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been noticing severe breakage occurring from the bleach. Strands keep coming out whenever you run your fingers through it, which I clearly know, isn’t normal. We managed to keep it under control until wash day, but I couldn’t help but think of other ways to prevent this from happening in the...

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  • Are Wash And Go's Causing Breakage?

    0 comments / Posted by Elle Fontaine


    I’ve been recently having problems with breakage as of late and I couldn’t seem to figure it out! For the longest time I figured it was the different products I used, but I realized I hadn’t been doing anything remotely different. Then I thought back even farther. Maybe it was my wash and go’s causing the problem.

    Wash and go’s do have a track record of causing excessive tangles, which...

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  • Happy Mother's Day!

    0 comments / Posted by Elle Fontaine

    Wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day!

    I tell you it's the hardest job that we rarely get credit for and never get paid for! I admire the mother's who are able to handle and raise more than one at a time (I only could take one). Being able to raise my daughter who just turned 15, has been a wonderful experience that I would not trade in for the world. Long hours, countless questions about...

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  • Motivational/Success Quote

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Jarolin Cabrera said: Amazing products with great hold

I love the styling gel because it's all natural and the hold it's superb...

Alexis Moody said: The best gel ever

I've tried many natural hair gels (most for some reason contain glycerin) and when it's hot and humid my hair looks a hot mess. However, this gel is glycerin free and has a strong hold so less is more. It also defines my curls for at least a week and plays very well with other products in its line and outside of its line. I recommend to every curly girl who is either glycerin sensitive or like me does not like it in their gels. Please don't change the formula or discontinue

Monet Jasmineee said: The Best Styling Gel Out There

Curling Potion Defining & Styling Gel is AMAZING! I love that you don't need a lot & it locks in your curls very well! This gel does not Flake and is very light! Coco Shea Hair Milk & Curling Potion together gives my curls life

Ashlee Williams said: 5 star

Love Love Love all of your products!!!

Desiree Contreras said: 5 star

Butter Me Up Buttercream