Curl Pattern

Different Hair Types

Here's another article about hair! Although this time it's about different types of hair which I believe you and I may find quite interesting. Let's start shall we?

Type 1 Hair

Definition: No curl pattern and is naturally straight.

Type 1a Hair: This type of hair is naturally straight and can't hold a curl at all. It is flat with little or no body and is completely straight from root to tip.

Type 1b Hair: Type 1b Hair has sporadic bends and tend to curl under slightly 

Type 1c Hair:   Few areas with slight bends. Not quite waves though. The individual strands tend to be thick and coarse.

Type 2 Hair

Definition: Naturally wavy and forms an “S” shape. Isn't oily or super dry.

Type 2a Hair: Several natural ,loose, beach waves all over the head. This type isn't as frizzy as the next two hair types, but can become frizzy if too much product is applied.

Type 2b Hair: Waves that are clearly defined and are more tightly drawn. Yet the hair sticks closely to the head and won't bounce and or poof up. This is about the time frame frizz will start to make itself known and sometimes gel based products are used to keep frizz at bay

Type 2c Hair: Waves that are tightly drawn so much that they start whirling around themselves to form loose spiral curls. Type 2c Hair is the frizziest of all Type 2 Hair and bounces or poofs slightly away from the face.

Type 3 Hair

Definition: Naturally curly and is shaped like an “S”. Type 3 Hair is naturally defined without manipulating it or using hair styling products. Unfortunately, Type 3 Hair also tends to be very dry.

Type 3a Hair: Loose Shirley Temple curls that are easily defined without manipulation or hair styling products.

Type 3b Hair: This consist of curls that are more spiraled and stringy than Type 3a Hair. The hair is defined (moderately) on it's own but is extremely frizzy. Hair creams and gel can prevent it from becoming extremely frizzy.

Type 3c Hair: The curls are more tightly drawn and coily. Are often highly textured and the hair strands are closely packed together that can also be known as clumping. It takes some manual manipulation to get the curls evenly defined but are moderately defined on their own.

Type 4 Hair

Definition: Classified ad hair that is coily and tightly curled without the defined ringlets of Type 3 Hair. Keeps the same shape usually when wet or dry.

Type 4a Hair: Coily and forms tight perfectly cylindrical curls. The curls tend to be the width of a pencil and are quite springy. Has a clearly defined curl pattern.

Type 4b Hair: Takes on a tight crimpy pattern. Type 4b Hair is clearly defined  and had a clear curl pattern.

Type 4c Hair: Type 4c Hair consist of a “Z” shaped zigzag pattern and shows little or no defined sections of hair. The texture of individual hair strands tends to switch from thin/fine to wiry to coarse. Type 4c Hair is known to shrink to half it's length. Pretty cool.


Relaxed Hair: The curl pattern of a relaxed persons hair ranges from Type 1 to Type 3. Relaxed hair can still be curly so don't be discouraged. Curly hair can be for everyone. 


How do I determine my Hair Type?: Wonderful question. Here's how:

  1. Make sure your hair has been washed.
  2. Don't blow dry or towel dry your hair. Just let it air dry. If you blow dry or towel dry your hair, it could make finding your true hair type harder and can temporarily change your curl pattern. So don't do it.
  3. Take a look at multiple sections of your hair and determine your hair type by looking at some pictures on the internet. 


Personally, I believe that hair typing is only necessary  when trying to understand what products may and may not work for you. Your texture plays a part but your porosity level is a bit more important overall. Most people have more than one texture on their head! All you can do is enjoy what GOD gave you and understand that no two heads are created the same. What works for one person (even with the same texture) may not work for you. That's why knowing your hair porosity is THE most important.


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