Single Strand Knots a.k.a Single Strand Knots

What is it?:

Single Strand Knots are little knots at the end of your hair strand. This is most commonly noticed within the natural hair community. They are on top of my list of being the biggest headache for me since being natural. Why are they referred to as Fairy Knots? Well, because they are so small that only a fairy could have tied them. Totally makes sense.

Why are they such a pain?

These little suckers are so small that it is hard to get them untangled which can be quite frustrating, if you don’t have a ton of patience. I don't have that kind of time and patience is not a virtue with me. I tend to whip out some scissors (ugh, I admit sometimes they aren't hair scissors...which I do not advise) and chop them bad boys off. 

How To Prevent Them:

  1. Just cut them. If left unattended they can cause some pretty nasty damage to your hair.
  2. Unravel them. Now I will say right now this requires a big amount of patience. Feel free to do what you want.
  3. Stretch your hair out. Minimizing shrinkage will minimize the results for single strand knots. Braid, twist, or blow-dry and it should minimize those pesky fairy knots.
  4. Try to minimize wash and go's. With your hair growing and doing wash and go's fairy knots come out to play more often than not. 
  5. Moisturize as often as you can. Dry hair is the biggest reason these single strand knots aka fairy knots appear. Keep your hair moisturized as much as possible.
  6. Wear protective styles. The less your hair is exposed the less knots you get. Wear braids, buns, twist, etc.
  7. Protect your hair while sleeping. Twist your hair into sections and wear a satin bonnet/ scarf at night. You can also use a sating pillow case to create less friction.


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