Ultimate Extreme Growth Bundle

Kickstart your hair growth this year with the Ultimate Extreme Growth Bundle. This bundle includes our top scalp treatments that are packed with ingredients that will strengthen, condition, detoxify, and stimulate hair growth. Great for all hair types. 

This system includes:


  • Chebe Growth Stimulating Rice Water is a LEAVE-IN daily treatment that can be used to soothe an itchy scalp or massaged in daily to help stimulate hair growth. This is enhanced Rice Water created to help promote growth, improve hair elasticity, and with regular use will improve the strength of your hair. No need to rinse it out.
  • Angel's Growth Serum has been infused with Ayurvedic ingredients to help stimulate growth, reduce shedding, relieve dry/itchy scalp, and to help soften new growth.
  • Chebula & Green Tea Herbal Mint Hair & Scalp oil is the solution to hair loss, shedding, encouraging growth, & seals split ends
  • Scalp Potion is small but mighty! This amazing blend of ingredients to help relieve dry itchy scalp, promote hair growth, and balance moisture. This is a serum based, concentrated formula, so a little goes a long way. A blend of tea tree oil and peppermint oil provides a cooling sensation while helping to reduce irritation and inflammation. To give that extra boost, MSM has been added which is a sulfur-rich compound with anti-inflammatory properties. MSM sulfur can form bonds to strengthening hair and influence hair growth.


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