Yoni Power Cleansing Bar



We so basic. So is our skincare. Skincare never looked so good or so simple. Minimal ingredients that are effective for all skin types.

Our Yoni Bar takes feminine hygiene to unparalleled levels by neutralizing vaginal odor, eliminating yeast infection and BV-causing bacteria, and balancing pH levels. 

This all-natural, organic and vegan formula uses powerful antibacterial herbs, rosemary, and oregano combined with soothing cocoa butter and lavender, to keep your yoni clean, balanced and fresh all day long!

Color : Every batch is unique. The color or pattern of the soap may vary. That's the fun part!

Weight : Approx. 6oz (170g). Soaps are hand cut so the actual weight can vary slightly.

To Use : Please keep your soaps in a well ventilated, dry area when not in use. This will help your soaps will last longer.

Key Ingredients: Rose Powder, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Niacinamide, Goji Berries, Oregano

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